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Teaching in the community

The role of a teacher at Brooklands Farm Primary School is to be a learner.  It is to thrive on the complexity that is learning, constantly evaluating, questioning and reflecting on the impact of their interactions with those around them.

To be a teacher at Brooklands Farm Primary School demands that you consider and welcome questioning and uncertainty.

Teachers at Brooklands Farm understand the interconnectivity between the real world and their classrooms.

Brooklands teachers are learners. We seek out the best ways to learn and in turn the best ways to teach.



We never close our classroom doors as we want to be part of the learning community. Learning from each other.


Teachers are learners 

Our school is built around the belief in humanity. We fully endorse the UN RIGHTS of children and thread this throughout our school.

We endorse the community values of truth, honesty, integrity, tolerance and self responsibility.  Relationships matter deeply to us.

The school has develop systems and structures to listen to all voices and not just the loudest .

Listening is an active verb in our school. It is the heartbeat that allows our school to thrive.

Equally we know that listening and relationships are complex and therefore we practise restorative principles so we can manage the realities of real life.

Teachers are leaders

We believe that we are all leaders of learning. Our school has a distributive leadership model allowing all teachers talents and passions for learning to be realised and shared. 

We train all our teachers to be leaders so that they can fulfil the professional ambitions they have for themselves and the wider education system.  

At Brooklands Farm, every learner, young and old, has a coach. We all want to be the best we can be, to reflect and grow.

The use of a growth framework allows learners to plan for change and adapt teaching to suit each learner and


each learning context.  We value mistake making as opportunities to review. We have a no blame culture in our school. Instead we focus on finding solutions together.

Teachers are partners

‘Children can give us the strength of doubt and the courage of error.  They can transmit to us the joy of searching and researching ...the value of research, as an openness towards others and towards everything new that is produced by encounter with others.’  [Carina Rinaldi 2003]

We believe children are strong and powerful. We have no doubt that they have the best ideas and solutions to real life problems. It is our role to facilitate the learning. 

We seek out partnership with others, always having national partners at the forefront of our profession. We travel across the world looking for solutions to our two questions - What are the best ways to learn? and ‘What are the best ways to teach?’

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